Upcoming storms have Valley auto parts stores seeing an uptick in sales

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All of this rain can cause some problems for your car. (KFSN)

As rain fell across the valley Tuesday morning, drivers had to navigate wet roads.

The change in weather meant a change in their vehicle maintenance and many people headed to stores like Pep Boys to get new supplies. "It hasn't been raining for the last five years, so I figured it was going to make up for it recently, so I decided I needed some new blades," said Anita Clifton, Fresno.

The Downtown Fresno store has seen an uptick in sales for wipers, bulbs, and tires. Manager Cliff Wong said people have been holding off on wipers, but now is the time to get them replaced. "Here in the Valley, the rule is they should really replace them in October to November, right before the rain hits. A lot of it is because the weather we have-- the heat deteriorates the rubbers."

The store has also sold a lot of tire chains as people head up to the mountains.

Over at Rasmussen auto repair, mechanics have been busy working on cars and trucks. Worn down tires can be a problem, especially with wet roads. "The grooves in the tire is what channels the water away, that's what lets the rubber stay in contact with the road so you can not just accelerate, but corner and brake," said Rusty Rasmussen, Rasmussen Auto Repair.

Rasmussen also advises drivers to be careful driving through large puddles of water, because that could get inside your engine and cause it to stall.

Back at Pep Boys, Clifton's 1968 Camaro got outfitted with new blades. "Wonderful, I can actually see out of the window now."

The car has faced decades of storms and she's hoping many more.

Experts said with the storms headed our way now is the time to get your vehicle checked to keep you safe and rolling on the road.
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