Workout Wednesday: What to do Your First Day of Working Out

Getting started on a workout routine is never easy.

It's always "what to do first?"

Last week in our Workout Wednesday,local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy showed us what to do for our upper body. Now she's showing us how to get our lower body off to the right start.

She says working out the lower body takes discipline, and you need to do simple motions when just getting started.

The first exercise is going to be a squat with weights. Every gym is going to have weights. Start this routine with no weights or light weights. Work on your range of motion. Do not go too low when starting. Just get your form down, and as you become stronger, you can go lower and use more weight.

The next exercise is a lunge. Keep your chin up and shoulder blades back as you move forward. Keep the weights to your side, and take it nice and slow.

The last exercise is for the core and is a torso twist that uses light weights. Stand tall and twist from side to side, controlling the motion to get maximum benefit.
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