Local apparel business 'AgProven' looking to improve conditions for agricultural workers

From braces that alleviate fatigue to hats and headwear that protect against the hot summer sun from all angles. Apparel business 'AgProven' is trying to change the way agricultural workers protect themselves from the elements.

They are doing it through specialty items and materials that are moisture wicking, lightweight and even waterproof. It is specifically aimed at anyone in any aspect of the Ag business.

"Hand laborers, the management, the Ag loan officers, everybody who is part of the agricultural chain, we want them to have a voice and be proud to be a part of agriculture," said Co-Founder Eddie T.

The apparel company was started by two Fresno State Alums and Mendota Natives. They came up with it about a year and a half ago with the idea of making it affordable. Their items are priced at or under $40. Eddie knows just how important proper attire is, when he was younger he worked in fields during the summer.

"Picking cantaloupes, bell peppers, you name it," he said. "I would wear an Underarmour compression shirt, because of the great benefits that kind of material has. It's sweat-wicking, so at the end of the day I felt a lot lighter then I would with a regular shirt, drenched in sweat."

Ryan Jacobsen CEO of the Fresno County Farm Bureau reinforcing the importance of appropriate clothing.

"Proper attire is everything, not just from protection from skin cancer issues, but just the heat itself and trying to make sure that people stay as cool as possible," said Jacobsen.

At the moment AgProven is selling online at http://agproven.com/. You can type ABC30 in the promo code during checkout to get 10% off. They are working on getting their apparel into stores where their target audience already shops.
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