Merced Prepares for Series of Storms

KFSN The rain and the wind both picked up in Merced Thursday evening.

City crews are gearing up for what could happen in the next few days.

A water pump is connected to one of nearly a dozen vehicles all lined up at the city of Merced's corporation yard.

"This is our first response in case the showers turn into flooding. The pumps are all fueled up and ready to go. The oil has been checked so they're ready."

Barricades, generators and emergency lights are also on stand-by. Some of the equipment was already used earlier in the day to clear up storm drains. City officials say previous storms helped their efforts.

"Had we not had the freezing temperatures, the leaves would still be on the trees. You get the wind and the leaves coming down and we get clogged storm drains."

People who live in Merced are also doing their part, picking up sandbags at the city's fire station, then heading to sand piles to fill them.

"So far, we've put out about 130 sandbags. As the weather comes in I'm sure we'll pick up business," said Chief Kenneth Mitten, Merced Fire Dept.

Thursday, even those who weren't concerned about flooding prepared for the storm. They took advantage of what could be the last dry day in a while.

"I'm just walking my little dog out here before the rain hits so she can get a little exercise," said Jerry McCrary, Merced resident.

Sandbags are offered at the following locations:

Sanger Yard: 9525 E. Olive, Sanger (24 hours) Located on the south side of Olive, 3/10 mile west of McCall. (559) 252-1071

Del Rey Yard: 3633 S. Del Rey, Del Rey (8:00 – 4:30) (Del Rey between North & Central) (559) 875-6120

Reedley Yard: 17626 E. Manning, Reedley (8:00 – 4:30) Manning east of Lac Jac. (559) 638-3328

Biola Yard 12855 "G" St., Biola (24 hours) Located on the southeast corner of "G" St. and 2nd St. (559) 843-2474

Tranquility Yard: 25411 W. Silveira (24 hours) Located in Tranquility on west side of Denver & Lincoln. (559) 698-7278

Caruthers Yard: 2544 W. Mt. View, Caruthers (8:00 – 4:30) Located on the north side of Mt. View and Henderson (559) 864-3172

Firebaugh Yard: 38835 W. Nees, Firebaugh (8:00 – 4:30) Located at Douglas & Nees. (559) 659-2323

Coalinga Yard: 779 E. Polk, Coalinga (8:00 – 4:30) Located on Polk, east of School Rd. (559) 935-3034

Additional bags and sand are available for 24 hour access at Three Rocks next to the park and in Cantua Creek by the store/service station This is the first response just in case the showers turn into flooding.

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