"Myspace" Is Teaming up With Law Enforcement

KFSN Including new cooperation with state law enforcement, Myspace says it wants to make its virtual neighborhood as safe as possible.

Hemanshu Nigam, Myspace Security Officer: "Today's announcement is a landmark step forward in providing new protections for teenage members of social networking sites such as Myspace."

The agreement between the website and more than 45 states creates a set of rules which will prevent sexual predators from misusing it.

Under the terms of this agreement, my space has agreed to add several protections and limit the amount of information available to would-be child predators. Under the agreement Myspace agreed to Better identify and expunge inappropriate images, sever any links between pornographic web sites and MySpace, make it harder for adults to contact children on the site, provide a way to report abuse, and respond quickly to abuse reports, & Create a closed High school section for users under 18.

Anne Milgram, N.J. Attorney General: "The bottom line is that we might not be able to stop all people from posting offensive and inappropriate content on an internet; but we can provide a way to easily and quickly report it and to get a swift response from the internet sites."

Law enforcement officials have been seeking greater controls for social networking sites but they say nothing can be as effective as an informed and involved parent.

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