Evans Tries to Bring Running Horse Back

KFSN More than a month after the City Of Fresno and Donald Trump couldn't reach an agreement on the Running Horse project; there is hope of a new deal to development the golf course.

The investors got upset when they heard what their share of the project had been valued.

But Mick Evans said some people were going to have to compromise to get running horse up and running again.

Mick Evans, former Running Horse developer, laid out a new plan Wednesday to move forward with the controversial project. He wants the 30 or so investors still involved to pool their money to form one new group that will develop the golf course and housing project. "If we can end this sooner and come to an agreement, although we may take a cut someplace, it's a lot better than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyer fees" said Evans.

Some out-of-town investors, taking part over the phone, were furious about the value Evans and his attorney assigned their slice of property.

Investor Joyce Gappa said, "We've had a judge, we've had a bankruptcy proceeding in Fresno, they system let us all down. This sounds criminal to me, I'm sorry."

Another investor Kent Northcross said, "If these figures are what you're going by I will keep on spending attorney fees and fighting this."

Evans says the dollar amounts aren't set in stone and wants to hire an independent judge to determine the new values. But his team wants to move fast before the PGA loses all interest in Fresno and the veterans start building their home this year.

Veteran Charlie Waters said they're moving forward with or without the proposed development. "We're not going to be in a dust bowl there, when they see this home go up and all these people they're going to start developing that area" said Waters.

Fresno Mayor Alan Autry said he's working with the city, the county and the Central Unified School District on a tax incentive for any developer with a legitimate plan and guaranteed financing.

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