Second Gang Crackdown in Southeast Fresno

2/13/2008 As the sun went down on Wednesday night, Fresno Police were already 12 hours into a day-long operation targeting bulldog gang members. The crackdown is in addition to "Operation Bulldog."

Police say Wednesday's actions were necessary because of a recent spike in Bulldog related shootings. Police say there have been 15 of them since January 1st, and half of them can be traced back to Bulldogs. "We felt a urgent need to put something bigger together, on a much grander scale," said Fresno Police Department Captain Randy Dobbins.

With probation and parole officers by their side, Fresno Police knocked on dozens of doors Wednesday, looking for gang members who are still up to no good. "We found him to have gang paraphernalia, gang clothing, which in his parole conditions, he can't have that. And he was smoking marijuana too," said Alex Robles of the Fresno Police Department.

They also took some people into custody for other violations. At one apartment, officers found drugs, packaged to sell.

The crackdown came exactly one week after a similar one in the same area. That time police targeted Southeast Asian gangs and police say people can expect to see even more of these in the future. The goal is to break the cycle of gang life. "We're fighting for the hearts of the children, who look up to these gang members as role models and today they're going to see their role models to go jail," said Dobbins.

So far tonight, police have made 20 felony arrests and put 10 gang members in jail. They say they've also seized two guns.

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