Rainstorms Drenching the Valley

Fresno Flood Control Officials are closely watching conditions.

Afternoon showers pounded Fresno.

The down pours caught many off guard.

People huddled under umbrellas to take cover.

Others weren't so lucky.

Ominous clouds hovered all day long making Connie Alvarado want to stay inside.

Alvarado: "It's sort of nice. It's cloudy. It's gloomy. It's sad."

Water flowing down streets is a good sign for those watching the snow pack.

McFarland: "Right now the snowpack is just a little above average for this time of year."

Randy McFarland is with the Kings River Conservation District.

He says exactly one year ago the Valley experienced extremely dry conditions.

The weather conditions have changed.

McFarland says these rains continue to add to the water supply.

McFarland: "Already the storms we've had in the first two events in this series have probably added close to 60-thousand acre feet of water to the water shed."

Even though water already sits in some ponding basins Fresno Flood Control Officials don't expect problems. Bob Van Wyk says only a major event could cause widespread flooding.

Van Wyk: "If we get up to the four inches we would be going on 24 hour operations. We would be placing the pumps where we need them."

On March first we should get a clear picture of how this rain affects the snow pack.

That's when officials will have the results a recent snow pack survey.

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