Fired Librarian Personnel Records are Released

4/4/2008 Visalia, CA Brenda Biesterfeld claims she was fired for defying her supervisor's orders by telling police about a man she believed was viewing child pornography at her library.

The former librarian's attorneys posted her personnel file on the internet. In it, we find out how her supervisors really felt about her.

Brenda Biesterfeld said her battle with Tulare County began after an encounter with 39-year-old Donny Crisler. Investigators said he viewed child porn at the Lindsay Library where Biesterfeld worked.

Inside her personnel file, supervisors rated her about six weeks before her firing. They gave her an average review, calling her reasonable and consistent.

A few days after her termination in February, supervisors listed a host of problems, criticizing her abilities.

Biesterfeld believes someone manufactured these details to justify her termination. "Well I was really shocked anything else had been put in there, because I had never been spoken to about any kind of misconduct or anything for that matter," said Biesterfeld.

She still stands by her decision to report Crisler to the police.

Tulare County Administrative Officer Jean Rousseau called the woman's firing legitimate. But Rousseau can't discuss Biesterfeld's case until she signs a release. "The reality is we've been vilified in the press, and that's unfortunate. That's why we're really interested in her signing the release so we can at least get our story out to the public."

Fresno Attorney Warren Paboojian reviewed Biestfeld's file. He is not associated with the case but thinks the documents appear to support her claim that she was wrongfully terminated. "The county is in a difficult position here and firing somebody two days after they reported a child pornography person viewing the computer is pretty suspect, and they better have a good reason to fire her other than what I'm seeing here in this paperwork," said Paoojian.

Biesterfeld plans to soon authorize Tulare County to publically discuss her employment. The County told Action News they may take this issue to a mediator to solve the problem.

As for the man suspected of viewing child porn; a judge has suspended criminal proceedings while a doctor evaluates Chisler's ability to stand trial.

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