Orosi Mother Gets 22 Years in Baby's Death

Visalia, Calif. /*Nancy Ortiz*/ cried during most of her sentencing. She did not address the court at all about her conviction.

Several members of Nancy Ortiz's family showed up to the sentencing and they also did not speak in court or to the media.

Tears streamed down Nancy Ortiz's cheeks as she heard Tulare County Judge Joseph Kalashian describe her abandoning her newborn child.

Judge Joseph Kalashian, "When you have a newborn who apparently wasn't thriving at birth in the defendant's own statement is put out in ... in freezing if not near freezing weather with barely any clothing on how is that now a high degree of callousness?"

The 24-year old Orosi woman received more than 22 years to life in prison ... the maximum sentence for second degree murder and several felony child abuse charges.

Nancy Ortiz abandoned three newborn babies between January 2005 and December 2006. The first two babies survived the third ... nicknamed /*Angelita De Orosi*/ by investigators, died in the cold weather.

Prosecutor Janet Wise said, "Angelita succumbed to the conditions of the abandonment of all three babies and this was an egregious case that warranted this sentence."

Michelle Winspur said, "This was not murder. She was trying to give the child a better life."

Defense Attorney Michelle Winspur is already appealing the conviction, claiming jury misconduct.

In October, one juror excused herself from deliberations. After an alternate juror took her place, the new panel took less than 40 minutes to reach a guilty verdict.

"Basically one juror was ... essentially ... bullied off the case and would have had an issue as to the murder ... there we are," said Winspur.

Prosecutors are confident the jury's conviction will stand.

"I think it was the totality of the evidence the fact it was every eleven months a baby newborn was abandoned out in freezing cold weather three times."

Nancy Ortiz will be 57-years old before she is eligible for parole ... and even if it's granted she'll be on probation for the rest of her life.

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