Vigil Held To Remember Fresno Teen

FRESNO, Calif.

Saturday night's candlelight vigil was held outside of the house where Brittney Lively was last seen alive in late January of last year.

A year later, the circumstances surrounding her death remain a mystery.

Family members say Lively had been dead for two days before police were called out on an anonymous tip.

According to court records, she was sexually assaulted by several young men before she died.

"She wanted to go to the army. She didn't get a chance to get married or have kids. Or do anything. Her life was shortened. She was only 16," said Thelma Salinas, the victim's mother.

"I think what our family wants is just justice for her. What they did to her, we don't know. we weren't there, she was a good little girl, she didn't deserve to got out like that," said Sonia Munoz, the victim's cousin.

Fresno police initially ruled the case a suspicious death. Saturday, they said the case remains open, but they don't have any new leads.

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