Valley Congressmen Lobbied on Health Care Vote

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A crowd shouting: "Costa, Costa, health care now!"

Supporters rallied outside of Congressman Jim Costa's Fresno Office Thursday, and met again on Friday.

Stan Santos, one of the supporters who is a representative of the Communications Workers of America believes Costa will declare his support, now that the Congressional Budget Office says the health care bill will save money.

"The bill that's before him answers the issues and concerns he had from the previous round of legislation," said Santos.

Supporters of the legislation have also pressured Democratic Congressman Dennis Cardoza of Merced to vote yes. In a phone conversation from Washington D.C. on Friday Cardoza acknowledged the legislation could help the Valley.

"Well over half the people in my district have no insurance or are in some kind of government insurance program. In fact, if it's passed it would increase support for my hospitals $167-million a year. That's better health care for everyone in the Central Valley."

But members of the Tea Party movement are waging a last minute fight for both congressmen's votes. They are planning a Health Care Town Hall meeting in Downtown Fresno on Saturday. Tea Party coordinator Steve Brandau says they hope to send a load message to both men.

"The focus is to let Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa both Valley guys, both Valley Democrats, to let them know how we feel about nationalized health care," said Brandau.

With Republicans in lock-step opposing the legislation, and Democrats divided, every vote counts. And both sides say the fight will continue whatever the final vote in Congress on Sunday.

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