Fresno Police use Caltrans signs to find hit-run suspect

FRESNO, Calif.

Lincoln McKenna was injured while on his motorcycle late last month in Northwest Fresno. The accident severed part of his lower right leg.

Investigators say the accident was caused by the driver of a silver Toyota Tundra ... they have been told from witnesses the driver ran the off duty sergeant off the road.

Thursday night a flashing Caltrans sign is being placed at the exact location the crash took place at Herndon near Palm Avenue. The sign is asking commuters for information about the accident and any other details that may help find the person who is responsible for the hit and run.

The crash occurred on September 28th. Investigators say after McKenna was forced into the slow lane, he hit a curb, and then slammed into a pole. Investigators hope the timing and unique approach will remind rush hour commuters of the accident and refresh their memory.

"We want to put it back in people's minds that this took place. Hopefully it will jog memories since it will be around the same time and location," said Jeff Cardinale. "It will help people maybe remember something they forgot before or maybe they've seen the vehicle since but just didn't think to call us."

McKenna is an eight year veteran of the CHP. He has undergone several surgeries since the accident.

Officers will also be on hand at the location to take down any information from drivers that may help find the wanted silver Toyota Tundra and the driver.

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