Armona is remembering Kaleb Null


Hundreds of people lined up outside the Calvary Christian Center in Hanford, many wearing purple, Kaleb's favorite color.

Along with dozens of others, his best friend, Jared Wright, wore a purple shirt with the most recent picture of Kaleb, his little league photo, taken the Saturday before he died.

Jared Wright: "I think it's a really good day for all his family friends to come and remember him."

Wright says he and Kaleb had the same hairstyle and loved playing sports together.

Jared Wright: "Every morning we'd walk to school together and we always played football and run around."

Kelsey Irvin: "He was a really good friend of mine he would always like stick up for me when people would make fun of me and stuff and he was there for everyone at school."

The 12-year-old was killed when his family's Armona home burned to the ground last Thursday night. Kaleb's mother and four other children got out safely.

The Kings County Fire Department has determined the fire was caused by a heater, though it's still unclear if the heater functioned properly.

Asst. Chief Mike Virden: "That could have been anything from did the heater malfunction was combustibles too close to."

Fire officials are still waiting for Kaleb's toxicology results to see if carbon monoxide was present at the time of the fire. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause confusion.

9-1-1 tapes reveal Kaleb's mother urging him to go out the back of the house.

She was yelling kaleb go out the back door go out the back door

This week, so many donations have poured into places like Lemoore Tire and Auto, that family members say they have more items than they can use.

Scott Thayer: "We can't take the clothing anymore because there's two storage units in Armona already packed to the hill."

There weren't just tears at Thursday's service but lots of laughter. From listening to their stories it was clear Kaleb loved adventure, his friends and family.

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