Authorities, emergency crews prep for New Year's Eve

FRESNO, Calif.

Many agencies are staffing extra people to deal with those who may celebrate even more because they have the rest of the weekend to recover.

Since this is a level one trauma center, doctors and nurses will be fully staffed Saturday night. Many Valley residents are planning on going all out this New Year, so emergency crews are preparing for an extra busy night.

American Ambulance medical teams expect to be running around nonstop Saturday night -- especially when the champagne starts flowing and many ring in the New Year.

"We do know we are anticipating more calls," said Edgar Escobedo with American Ambulance. "We want to meet the need for the community and so we're staffing more units on top of that with that expectation because it's on a Saturday and because there's a potential for increased call volume."

Fresno Police officers will obviously be looking for drunk drivers, but they will also be staking out neighborhoods, and watching video policing cameras, looking for those who fire guns at the stroke of midnight.

Dennis Bridges with the Fresno Police Department said, "We're going to have a large number of tactical officers out there, our violent crime impact team, our district crime suppression teams, patrol officers, motors officers, we'll have a lot of eyes out there."

Although police and emergency crews are adding "patrols and people" to handle extra calls, it's a complete different story at a business that works closely with law enforcement.

New Year's Eve is typically a dismal day for business at Action Towing. Since tow companies are on a rotation for DUI tows, they may get one or two jobs that night.

Action Towing owner, John Decicco said, "New Year's Eve's in the past, I've been at DUI checkpoints in the past, usually very slow after 9 o clock."

Like hospitals, tow companies are staffing normal levels but putting several employees "on call" just in case they need more help.

Action News also checked with the coroner's office, they say the past few years has been slow on New Year's Eve. They say stepped up patrols could be the reason fewer people die that night.

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