30 from ABC30 pays off in a big way

FRESNO, Calif.

Adoptions at the Animal Valley Center in East Central Fresno doubled in the month of December. People adopted 26 dogs that month, up from 22 in 2010. What's more impressive is that people took 30 cats home with them, up from just 11 the year before.

"A lot of our supporters already have a lot of animals, so they're not as able to take as many home. Whereas perhaps ABC30 supporters don't have animals. They see a really cute picture of a cat on your Facebook page, during the PSA an realized you know what, maybe I do need a cat in my life after all," said Rosie Davenport with the Valley Animal Center.

The shelter credits the big online push for the increase in adoptions. Action News reporter Tommy Tran presented a big sized check to the crew on Friday.

During the two week Facebook campaign, ABC30 donated 30-cents for every new like until the end of 2011. The 53-hundred new likes you gave us resulted in just under $1,600 dollars for Valley Animal Center.

"It's been a wonderful opportunity for us to reach an audience that we wouldn't have the opportunity to reach because you guys are so popular here in the Valley," said Davenport.

There are still more than 400 animals that can be adopted -- from cats, to dogs, puppies to kittens. Volunteers say there is absolutely no pressure here.

"You can freely browse the animals and visit with whoever you'd like. The awesome thing about being a no kill shelter is you know you have time to make the decision of who the right animal is for your family," said Katie Dezso.

More than 50 people decided to expand their families by inviting these animals into their homes -- and with your help, 30 from ABC30 paid off in a big way.

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