Clovis teacher faces 18 counts of child molestation

CLOVIS, Calif.

Parents of children in Mr. Yang's class attended a meeting with Clovis administrators.

The parents met with the new teacher who will be filling in for Mr. Yang. The meeting was just one of several Clovis Unified had this weekend to prepare students and staff for when kids come back to school Monday morning.

Jenny Bolton was shocked when she found out her son's second grade teacher was arrested on 18-felony counts of child molestation. She said, "At first angry and sad and scared, not knowing who was affected."

Bolton is also a teacher at a different school district. She is frustrated that 43-year-old Yang is accused of violating the trust of students and parents. She said, "Being a teacher you love kids and you're supposed to do it because you love them and you want to care for them and help them grow and to have them trust you and hurt them like that it's... awful."

Neng Yang has worked with Clovis Unified for 18 years, first as a teacher's aide then as a second grade teacher. He was arrested Friday after investigators say they discovered explicit videos and photos of one of his 2nd grade students. Clovis Police believe the student is the only victim.

Clovis Unified administrators wanted to meet with parents of children in Mr. Yang's class to address any questions or concerns they might have about the case.

Kelly Avants said, "We're going to introduce them to the teacher who will be filling in we'll let them ask the questions they have we do have someone from the Clovis Police Department who will be there also."

The meeting was one of several Clovis Unified called on Sunday. District leaders and a team of psychologists met to talk about how to address the charges when kids come back to school on Monday. There will also be extra staff on hand at Miramonte Elementary School, where Yang's wife is the principal.

"You never want something like this to happen ever," said Avants. "And when it does we as a school district have to be very open with our community very protective of our community."

If the district attorney's office files charges against Yang this week, school officials say they will move for his dismissal.

The school district is holding another meeting on Monday for all past and present Freedom Elementary parents.

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