Mom claims teacher's aide pulled out son's wrong tooth

FRESNO, California

It happened at Wilson Elementary School in Framingham. Ten-year-old Chris Quirk is an autistic boy in the 4th grade. The big gap in his mouth shows where two teeth are now missing. It started last week when Chris went to school with a loose tooth. An email from his teacher said the loose-wiggly tooth had been a distraction. Without parental permission, a teacher's aide pulled out Chris' tooth.

"Sabrina grant-oh my god what did they do, did they hold my kid down, did he want them to do this," Sabrina Grant said. "How could somebody not even medically trained pull a tooth that wasn't even loose out of his mouth."

The superintendent is investigating, but no disciplinary action has been taken yet. Chris hasn't been back to school since the incident, and his mother is considering a lawsuit.

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