Maine students, parents fight high school parking fee

FRESNO, Calif.

Parents and taxpayers showed up to the school to sign a petition, saying they're tired of all the extra fees. The school board's chairman says he understands the frustrations but the school has to make up for lost revenue to keep all of its departments and teachers.

Robert Mitchell with the Scarborough School Board said, "We have roughly a $37 million dollar budget with revenue coming in -- some from the state. Obviously about a million dollars less than in the past -- some from fees and various things and then the bulk, obviously, from the property tax base."

Jack Sullivan High School student said, "We feel that we've already been feed enough through athletic fees the past couple of years. That this is just too much for us to pay."

Students and district officials are meeting on Thursday to discuss the proposed fees and other options to cover a million dollar loss in state funding.


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