Kaiser Permanente gives Fresno hospital a makeover

FRESNO, Calif.

Kaiser Permanente in Northeast Fresno is turning the spotlight on its newly remodeled patient rooms. Floor by floor, the rooms are getting updated.

Senior Vice President and Area Manager, Jeff Collins says patients and their families will benefit from the much-needed makeover. "We're calling it the total health environment, and it's really to create a soothing, healing environment for our patients, our families and our staff."

The old rooms looked painted a sterile. They were hospital white, with vinyl tile flooring.

The new flooring is environmentally friendly. It can be cleaned without using harsh chemicals which reduces maintenance and improves air quality.

The remodeled rooms are warmer, brighter and more open. And the colors not only update the feel of the rooms, but serve a function as well. Patients and their families can find their way around the wing, much easier by just remembering which color side, their room is in -- such as the tan side or the green side.

Sofa beds that pull out, provide a family member a more comfortable place to sleep. The rooms used to have only a chair. And the TV's have been updated to flat screens.

The work stations for the staff are also designed for more efficiency to improve a patient's experience during their hospital stay. The nurses' station desktops are designed to raise up with just a push of a button. It's designed to give the staff the option of standing up while working which has been shown to burn more calories and encourage movement. It's part of Kaiser Permanente's mission to set an example of healthy living with its own staff and work environment.

On Monday, patients will be moved into the first remodeled section, called 3-West, as other units undergo updates.

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