Changes coming in Madera Co waste collection

FRESNO, Calif.

Some residents Action News spoke with are concerned because they are just now finding out about the change.

Red Rock, the new trash collector, starts on November 1.

The blue bins which read Madera Disposal Systems will be taken away as Red Rock takes over.

"I would have thought something like this would have been noticed several weeks, several months ago," Madera Ranchos resident Craig Hansen said.

Hansen and several of his neighbors in the Madera Ranchos just received notice in the mail about the change. The switch to a new company, he says, is too soon.

"What are the chances that some body may be on vacation for the next few weeks, the letters get lost in the mail, somebody doesn't bother to read what it is and throws it away. I could see trash piling up in some homes here and around the Ranchos until this thing sorts itself out," Hansen said.

Red Rock hopes to prevent that.

The company's general manager says he was not given a customer list from the current trash collector.

He's urging residents and businesses to sign up for service and soon.

"We're going to work as hard as possible to make the switch as smooth a transition as possible," Red Rock General Manager Alan Davis said.

The company will also take over landfill operations in Fairmead. A worker there told Action News nearly half of the 60 or so Madera Disposal System employees will be out of a job.

Red Rock says it has already hired 20 of those workers.

Red Rock, which is owned by Caglia Environmental Group in Fresno, is also promising a drop in service rates.

In a letter to residents the county says the change will save money and provide better recycling options.

The county will be paid six percent of Red Rock's profits but that amount depends on how many people sign up with the new company.

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