Hottest gifts for ladies and kids

FRESNO, Calif.

At the Target store in North Fresno, much of the merchandise matches the decor.

That's a big hint for shoppers, because one of this year's hottest gifts for women is, accessories with sparkle like metallic or sequined scarves.

"Basically bling. Bling is in this season. It's a lot of fun and it spices up any outfit," Caitlan Asadoorian of Target said. "It's often hard to shop for women as far as finding clothing. What's gonna fit them, what are they gonna like? But they can accessorize with just about anything."

Or Asadoorian suggests abiding by the three c's - comfy, cute and cozy. Pajama sets and fuzzy slippers are still very popular. Just don't go with a gag gift unless she specifically asked for sock monkey pj's with feet attached!

What woman doesn't like to be pampered? That's why a trip to the spa tops many women's holiday wish lists. Like at Shi Nails and Spa the value of the gift certificate to any of the services, from manicure to massage. So why not go a step further and book the appointment for her?

For many women, personalization and planning really count. That makes photo books and canvases, even cell phone cases with her favorite pics, perfect for a present.

When in doubt, get her a gift certificate to her favorite store (not yours). But include a note that you'll watch the kids so she'll get a shopping day to spend it. Or taking her shopping yourself isn't a bad idea either. Make a day of it and

don't complain! "There's not a lot of surprise. We just kinda go to the stores together and I'll buy something for her and vice versa," Matt Garabedian said.

For tech-savvy women tablets continue to top wish lists while the kid-versions of tablets like the $100 Leappad2 are a good bet for tots.

"They're competing with the tablets that are geared more towards adults by adding cameras, so the kids can do what the parents can do," Bryan Oliver of Target said.

Other high-tech favorites include handheld video game players, like the $170 Nintendo 3DS.

The $54 interactive Furby comes with a free app your can download that'll help you translate Furbish and virtually feed your Furby.

A bit more low tech but just as popular are dolls: two of the hottest lines right now are Lalaloopsy for younger girls or monster high for the older ones. Regardless of gender, Legos of every kind will top many kids' wish lists.

The moral of this story - plan ahead. Do your research, watch or listen for hints or just ask. The worst thing you could do is wait until the last minute.

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