Fresno State professor arrested for death threats to neighbor, police

January 14, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
A part time Fresno State Communications Professor is accused of threatening to kill his neighbor, and threatening a police officer with violence.

Those who live near Sample and Magnolia in Clovis were too scared to go on camera and said they were too afraid of retaliation to speak to Action News. They say they're concerned about when Christopher Andrade gets out of jail.

The 42 year old has been involved in an on-going feud in his neighborhood for the past few years. He recently painted portions of his own house a bright orange.

Janet Stoll-Lee, Public Information Officer in Clovis says the department got two phone calls early Friday morning. One by a neighbor, one by another person who saw him painting and knew about the on-going problems. Stoll-Lee said the caller said Andrade was threatening to kill his neighbors.

When police arrived they say Andrade came at them with pepper spray and a metal flashlight. Stoll-Lee said, "The officer told him to please drop the items, he didn't do it, he kept advancing on the officer."

Andrade is a part time professor at Fresno State, teaching speech courses for the Communications Department. A YouTube video features him in the "free speech" area on campus.

A University spokeswoman issued the following statement, "Mr. Andrade will not be teaching at Fresno State this spring pending resolution of legal proceedings. His four classes will be handled by other instructors."

Andrade's taught there for 14 years and was interviewed by Action News three years ago, for a political piece about campaign advertisements.

Police say they also found a handgun and a shotgun in his home.