A new way to show cancer has great results in children

FRESNO, Calif.

A big word for such a little girl, but she knows exactly what it means.

"It's a small bone generated cancer and it's usually caused by injury," Webb said.

And she knows exactly when it was discovered.

"I was carrying stuff, and then I fell down the stairs," Webb said.

An increasing pain turned out to be a tumor wrapped around Lilly's spinal cord. Traditional radiation could damage other tissues, so doctors used the new Tomo Therapy HD to help destroy Lilly's cancer.

Carol Marquez, MD Radiation Oncologist said, "The beam is going to come all the way around the patient and the patient is going to slide through."

This machine is the only one using a specific beam pattern to treat a tumor. The radiation beam adjusts to stay on target.

"It spares the normal tissue better," Webb said.

Lilly did experience some side effects.

"You get tired and your skin may get itchy," Webb said.

She was on this table for 28 days, 30 minutes a day and is now cancer-free.

Lilly aced her treatments and her classes.

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