Mariposa County High School student accused of sexual assault


Word is starting to trickle out on the Mariposa County High School campus of the attacks and the arrest on Tuesday.

Students tell Action New the suspect is an athlete who was considered perfectly normal until just recently. But Sheriff's deputies say they have a history with him.

Twice in two days, the high school campus was the scene of sexual attacks on girls.

Once after a music concert and once against the gym wall after school ended, Sheriff's deputies say the same 16-year-old boy got physical with different girls.

"Both female victims were fairly aggressive in fighting him of fans one of the victims bit the male student a couple times to get away from him, said Mariposa County Sheriff Douglas Binnewies.

Sheriff's investigators arrested the teen Tuesday. He's now in custody a few blocks from the school at the juvenile hall. We're not naming him now because he's a minor, but Action News discovered prosecutors filed paperwork Thursday to charge him as an adult.

The sheriff says his deputies have had to deal with the boy before. He's proud of the recent victims for coming forward.

"I think it's a probability that this suspect would've continued injuring girls if these women didn't put a stop to it," said Sheriff Binnewies.

A third female student told an Action News reporter the same boy tried to force himself on her and kiss her, but she fended him off.

School superintendent Aaron Rosander says the entire situation is disturbing. He's planning to notify parents, hopefully Thursday night.

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