Thieves steal precious items from Fresno woman's yard

FRESNO, Calif.

Several people who live in the area say over the past two weeks they have seen criminals taking off with anything valuable on their front yard. One woman who lives in the tower says what thieves really stole are fond memories with her mother.

Francesca Grousis and her family have lived in a Tower District home for about three decades.

"The biggest things I remember are my parents sitting there with me," Grousis said.

For years the Fresno native spent hours and hours sitting on sitting her porch with those she loved.

"I've got three sons they are 35, 25 and 24 and they all would hang out at the front porch, so all that is gone," Grousis said.

About a year ago Grousis' mom passed away and this week thieves stole the metal chairs and table everyone gathered around. Grousis says thieves stole her items sometime during the day while she was at work.

"It's the memories they took with them, definitely the memories they took with them," Grousis said.

Others who live in the area say criminals are targeting anything valuable outdoors.

"A landscaper, was doing somebody's yard and somebody just pulled up and stole his lawn mower right out of his truck and drove away, we have heard about people stealing shoes being stolen off their porches," said Christy Orozco, from Tower District Neighborhood Watch.

Although Grousis says she filed a police report, investigators say not a lot of others are reporting the crimes. Members of Tower's Neighborhood Watch are asking everyone who lives here to be aware of anything suspicious and if you do see something call police.

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