Calwa residents speak out after motorcycle club shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

The shooting happened on the corner of Calwa and Pullman at a building that is home to the Soul Brothers Motorcycle Club. Saturday residents painted a less than flattering picture of the motorcycle club that operates in their neighborhood.

Fresno County deputies said there were about 500 people in the Soul Brothers Motorcycle Clubhouse early Saturday morning when the gunshots started. Deputies said there was a dance inside the clubhouse when the party took a violent turn.

"We had deputies that were seconds away, when they arrived on scene there were several people leaving the area, some were being carried from the clubhouse, there were shots being fired," Chris Curtice with the Fresno County Sheriff's Department said.

Police detained about 100 people for questioning, but many left the scene. Christina Aranda said the gunshots woke her up and she immediately feared for her three children

"As a mother, of course you're scared to hear gunshots so close to your house, definitely I was scared. It woke up my oldest son but we keep them in house, especially when something like that happens," neighbor Christina Aranda said.

Another neighbor who did not wish to be identified said after Saturday morning she would like to see the bikers leave her neighborhood

"Just all you heard were gunshots, lots of them and motorcycles all over," the neighbor said. "I don't know nothing about them, I just know they've brought nothing but problems over here, they shouldn't be here."

The clubhouse looks more like a warehouse with nothing identifying it to the Soul Brothers Motorcycle Club. But neighbors say bikers have been gathering at the site for a few years.

"They're not good neighbors, it's not good to have that especially when there's so many kids in the neighborhood and our kids play outside, it's scary to think something could happen," Christina Aranda said.

Deputies allowed people to return to the clubhouse Saturday afternoon to pick up their motorcycles and other belongings that they left behind. About 100 deputies, CHP and Fresno police officers responded to the shooting. Authorities have not yet made an arrest. If you have any information you're asked to call the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

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