Home-invasion robbery in Clovis has neighbors on edge

CLOVIS, Calif.

The Clovis Police Department has not released many details in the case. But police say they have not made any arrests.

Aaron Jensen lives next door to the home that was robbed.

"I feel like something like this can happen right under your nose and have any warning and it makes you feel really, really scared," Jensen said. "They're good neighbors, if it can happen to them; it can happen to anybody."

Jensen does not know how many people were inside the home when robbers broke-in. He is not even sure how many people broke-in.

Investigators are not releasing those details at this point. There were many cars parked outside of the victim's home on Saturday evening. Jensen says the victims have a big family and often have many visitors. He says what happened to them is a reminder that crime can strike anywhere.

"Often times we forget to lock our doors and I have an alarm until today I never even activated, but it makes you feel really unsafe in your own home," Jensen said.

Clovis police have not made an arrest. It is an ongoing investigation and they are asking if anyone has any information to call the Clovis Police Department.

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