Costco cruising caught on camera in North Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Over the past months, the store has been graffitied and employees are constantly cleaning up and repairing damages. Crowds have become especially large and some of their acts were caught on tape.

Costco cameras were rolling Saturday at 10 p.m. when a small group pulled up to the Costco entrance before they poured a liquid onto the sealed concrete.

"This is where they are doing their little brodies going through. Why they put that down, I don't know, front wheel drive, he had to get right on it because he's got mom's car," Dave Dominici said.

For the next three hours, Costco loss prevention manager Dave Dominici said the crowds grew and the races continued. The entire parking lot, including the area near Home Depot, was used as a raceway. But that is the beginning of the problems Dominici said are getting worse.

"And then some phone calls are made or someway it's known that hey, we're at Costco and then it turns into a full-fledged party," Dominici said.

Damages after the parties are getting pricy. Reinforcements have been added on pillars to prevent more damage and stop the skateboard stunts.

Vandals are also seen in the video trying to remove cabling around carts. The doors have been tagged in the past and heavy planters and concrete trash containers have been destroyed.

"Costco tries to keep our facility nice and clean for the shoppers and after their little things we gotta clean up. We gotta use paint, we gotta use scrubbers, we gotta reseal the concrete," Dominici said.

Managers are now adding security cameras and letting Fresno police know what's going on that's dangerous and on private property. Costco managers plan to enhance video to collect license plate numbers as well, to help prosecute vandals.

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