South Valley woman who shot and killed ex-husband officer continues testimony

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Erika Sandoval said she wasn't bothered by an Instagram photo of her ex-husband with another woman-she had seen pictures of him with other girls before.

She said she looked up the new woman, named Brenda, on Facebook because she wanted to know who could potentially be around the son she shared with Daniel Green.

On Tuesday, Tulare County Assistant District Attorney David Alavezos asked Sandoval about some texts between her and a friend on February 5th, 2015.

Sandoval told the friend she didn't have time for Green anymore, saying she thought he might be seeing someone new.

"I don't know if I meant Brenda on there or maybe some other girl because like I said, there's been various girls," Sandoval said.

"How many girls did you look up that week on the internet?" Alavezos asked Sandoval.

"That week, just Brenda, I think," Sandoval replied.

"And we saw that her photograph with Daniel was accessed on February 5th by your phone," Alavezos continued.

"Yes, but I wasn't sure who I was referring to at that moment with that text with my friend as to who I was referring to," Sandoval said. "I knew he was talking to somebody or a few girls and I don't know if I was referring to Brenda particular(ly) on that text."

Prosecutors have argued that Brenda was the reason Sandoval shot and killed Green at his Goshen home the following day.

Detectives later found a note with the name in Sandoval's purse.

After she shot Green, Sandoval texted Green's phone while at her tax appointment, telling him that their son wanted to talk to him.

Sandoval texted him again that afternoon, and a couple of times that night.

"Then at 6:03 you sent him a text, 'Why are you not answering my calls?' Correct?"

"Correct," Sandoval said.

"And then at 6:03, immediately following that, you send him a text, 'What's going on?' Correct?"


When asked, Sandoval said she wasn't trying to throw detectives off by offering to show them the texts, because she knew they would eventually come for her.

Testimony will continue tomorrow.

The judge told jurors he expects them to have the case by the first part of next week.

Sandoval faces the death penalty if convicted.
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