Family members hope justice is coming for double murder victims

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Family members took Monday as a day to remember the victims of a high-powered shooting -- a father and a mother who left behind three kids.

"Y'all are truly missed," said Diamond McBride, one of victim Brian Maxey's sisters. "We love y'all. Never forget about y'all. Never stop thinking about y'all."

Police say the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time and you can see just how desperate they were to get away when trouble started.

The driver knocked a hole in the brick wall around the parking lot of The Parks apartment complex in central Fresno, then sped through a dirt field and went airborne into the canal.

Brian's mom tells Action News his family just wants to see police arrest someone now.

A rare night out ended in a barrage of bullets for Maxey and Kiara Austin.

Police say gunmen fired at least 26 shots and killed them in an unprovoked attack early Sunday morning, and Queshawn Maxey is in the hospital with a gunshot wound.

"He's mad, angry, in pain, but he's hanging in there," said his girlfriend, Shedaya Harris. "He's upset he can't do anything."

Austin and Maxey had just started building a life together.

Their daughter Briara is just a few months old, and Maxey was also a father figure for her three-year-old twins.

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The boys had recently gotten excited about the new direction in his life.

"They got in the car and they was like 'Brian in school. Brian in school,'" Harris said about the boys' reaction. "They were happy for him being in school."

"He definitely took the job to take care of her other two kids that their dad passed too from the same type of violence," said Ronisha Harris, one of Brian Maxey's sisters. "So, you know, it's real tragic. The whole situation is tragic."

Police frequently patrolled the apartment complex Monday and homicide investigators followed up on leads.

Maxey's family hopes justice is in their future, but they're crushed they won't see what Brian and Kiara had in theirs.

"They were getting an apartment," said McBride. "My brother got back in school. They had a lot of good things going for themselves."

"It just sucks because it just happened when he was barely starting to fix his life to do better, make better choices," said Smith.

Someone started a memorial to the victims out on the canal.

Family members are also planning a vigil for Monday night.
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