Fresno County farmers turn best production year in 2018

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Almonds remain the top crop representing 15% of Fresno County's total agriculture production.

Grapes became the area's second billion-dollar crop as the county topped its previous record set in 2014 with a $7.88 billion figure for 2018.

"This represents an increase of more than 12% of last year's total," said Fresno Ag Commissioner Melissa Cregan.

Cregan presented the report to county supervisors. The rest of the top five county crops are pistachios, poultry and garlic.

"Two big surprises in my book when you look at the top ten when you look at garlic and onions. They're now in the top ten. They almost tripled their value," said Fresno County Farm Bureau CEO Ryan Jacobsen.

Jacobsen says the report reflects what a sufficient water supply means to the region.

But we'll see if that $7.88 billion figure is enough to move Fresno County back into the nation's top spot.

"That is the million-dollar, or maybe the billion-dollar question there. I don't know. We'll have to wait and see when the other counties release," Cregan said.

Kern and Tulare counties went 1-2 last year. Their crop reports will come out in about a month.

"The U.S. Census still lists us as the number-one ag county in the country so I think they got it right," Cregan said.

Ag officials say Fresno County's highest output ever will be tough to beat though Kern County grows some of the same high dollar crops like almonds.
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