Fresno County Sheriff's Department water rescue crews busy with rescues on San Joaquin River

FRESNO COUNTY (KFSN) -- Sheriff's department rescue crews got an early start on the San Joaquin River Monday morning.

"Just this morning, starting at about 9:30 or 10 o'clock this morning, we had our first rescue and while that one was going on we had a second that happened as well. Both subjects, one was actually a family with three or four that came out of the river on the first one-- then there was a single kayaker who got overturned and stuck in some trees. The helicopter had to assist on that one," said Sgt. Rob Dutrow, Fresno County Sheriff's Department.

The kayaker was lifted out and was not hurt. In the other rescue the family members also got to shore and were okay, but it serves as a reminder that the rivers are dangerous.

"The flow rates are up, everything's flowing a lot, higher then it has in years it's hot it looks refreshing, but it's extremely dangerous and we're predicting that it's going to get worse," said Dutrow.

While the San Joaquin River is open the Kings River remains closed to all water activities because of the extremely high flow rate.
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