Fundraiser held for surviving toddler after parents killed in DUI crash near Strathmore

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In the South Valley, the Strathmore community came together for a one-year-old that survived an alleged DUI crash that killed his parents.

Hundreds of loved ones donated their time and money to honor Benjamin Navarro and Jasmyn Linares.

Strathmore Elementary School District even donated the middle school to host the car wash and BBQ fundraiser.

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On April 29, suspected drunk driver, Arnold Zuniga, veered into oncoming traffic, colliding head-on with the couple and their one-year-old son Maddox.

Jasmyn was six to seven months pregnant at the time. Baby Maddox was the only survivor.

"He just celebrated his birthday party and he probably wonders 'where's Mom and Dad?'" his grandmother Leonarda Navarro said. She says her son Benjamin, "BJ," was on his way to a job interview.

She adds, "he just loved his little family he wanted everything for them. He pretty much had a dream already started for them."

Between the two fundraisers loved ones held, the family says they have raised more than enough money for burial expenses. The rest will go into a savings account for baby Maddox.
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