Hanford man accused of sexually abusing child at wife's day care business

HANFORD, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Hanford man is accused of sexually abusing a child under the age of 14 multiple times over a six-month period, ending in May of 2016.

Hanford Police detectives started their investigation of 50-year-old Jose Puga in December and arrested him last week.

"The child originally told their parents," said Hanford Police Sgt. Justin Vallin. "And the parents originally confronted the suspect and the suspect's wife about the allegations and then contacted the police department afterward."

Police say the crimes happened at a Hanford gas station, and at least once, at his house, where Puga's wife also runs a daycare business.

Police say the victim had been going there for several years.

Puga is a part-time employee.

"He was licensed through the state to be able to watch them when she wasn't available for up to so many hours," Vallin said.

Action News spoke to Puga's son at the house.

He didn't want to go on camera but doesn't believe the allegations are true.

Records indicate the daycare has been licensed by the state since 2009, and in the last five years, they've received numerous citations.

Some citations were considered serious, including letting two different people stay or live at the home without getting a criminal record clearance first.

Hanford Police are continuing to investigate the alleged sex crimes and say they're working with the California Department of Social Services, which also has an open investigation.

"What we're doing is we're contacting past clients as well as current clients of the facility, to ensure that there's no other victims," Vallin said. "We believe this is an isolated incident, however, we are contacting other clients to make them aware of what was going on."
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