Jury finds Fresno County Jail shooter guilty on all counts

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There was no celebration, just silent vindication for the law enforcement community. They walked out of the courtroom Thursday, with quiet satisfaction.

"It was very emotional and I think the verdict was correct, of course," said Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.

Thong Vang showed no reaction as he was found guilty on all counts for the attempted murders of Juanita Davila and Malama Scanlan.

During the trial Vang used a self-defense claim, saying he only pulled out his gun after a lieutenant fired at him first. Video from the jail's lobby showed otherwise.

"The evidence was pretty clear and overwhelming, so I'm glad they ruled the way they did," said Prosecutor William Lacy.

Vang also testified he was high on meth that day and looking for help inside the jail. He had broken up with his girlfriend and feared she was out to get him.

After nine hours of deliberation, the jurors didn't buy his story.

Sheriff Mims says even though the trial is over, the damage left behind by Vang's actions can never fully heal. "It's not over for these families, not only will Vang suffer the consequences for the rest of his life, so will these families."

Vang could face life in prison. Sentencing has been scheduled for next month.

The family of Malama Scanlan sent out this statement after the verdict was read:
On behalf of the entire Scanlan Family we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to prosecutor William Lacy, lead sheriff homicide detective Hector Palma, and the entire Fresno County sheriffs department for their relentless support to seek justice for Officer Scanlan and Officer Davila. We are grateful to finally have legal resolution with this case, pleased in the jury's unanimous guilty verdicts on all counts and appreciate the uncompromising dedication of all our supporters who have sustained our ability to remain vigilant and positive throughout this entire ordeal. There is no doubt that Malama, and we as a family, draw strength from this community of support and we are indebted to each and every one of you. As we close this chapter, we can now direct this foundation of love and prayer to his efforts to rehabilitate.

Juanita Davila sent out this statement after the verdict was read:
"Today justice was served. I'm relieved that this case is finally over. My family and I can now put this behind us and look forward to a beautiful future. I want to give thanks to my family, friends, the community, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office and its jail division and most of all, to God for always being by our side."
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