As we countdown to the holidays the number of holiday-related crime goes up in Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The holidays are a time of giving in Fresno County and already some people are taking advantage of that generosity.

"I have two garages, one for my car, and one of my storage and both got robbed. And they had big old locks and everything," said Sonia Seaberg, Fresno resident.

Seaberg said she was home and unaware when crooks emptied out her storage units.

Police said holiday crimes like what happened to Seaberg are just starting to pick up.

The two most common targets are cars and front porches.

"We'll see these porch pirates go out and they'll canvas neighborhoods and see packages left by a variety of services and then they'll take the packages," said Lt. Mark Hudson, Fresno Police.

In Clovis, officers are seeing similar trends every year. Already, there have been an uptick in vehicle break-ins-- 40 cars burglarized from the start of this month until now. The majority happened this weekend and police said they are often smash and grabs.

"Shopping increases during the holidays, there's a bigger likelihood there's something of more valuable in the vehicle. People are busier when out shopping and leave things in plain view," said Lt. Curt Fleming, Clovis Police.

Police said families should also watch for suspicious people casing homes. Criminals knocking on doors to make sure nobody is home before jumping the fence and breaking in.

"They are trying to keep themselves from being seen, make sure your house is well lit, make sure that you are keeping things off your porch," said Hudson.

Advice that Seaberg said she already took to heart and will now follow through more than ever.

"I lock my doors all the time and I'm always very aware of what's around me and who's around me."

If you plan on being out of town for the holidays Clovis Police officer a service where volunteers check up on your home. All you have to do is sign up on the police department's website.
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