Cozy Alternative to Black Friday Shopping

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "Black Friday" shopping doesn't have to be hectic, sometimes it can be as laid-back as a family reunion.

Plenty of holiday hugs to go around at Paul Buxman's Sweet Home Ranch in Dinuba. They came to visit and to shop for sweets and other treats like freshly baked rolls.

Marjorie Freeman of Dinuba noted, "There are ponchos that are homemade. There is jewelry."

Annie Compton-Schmidt of Reedley made the jewelry and she really enjoyed getting away from crowded malls. Compton-Schmidt said, "This is the type of shopping I like to do. Small homemade handmade things. I like it."

For almost 20 years Buxman has opened up his home to friends and family. He explained, "Maybe with this event I saw other farmers that were struggling."

This all started when a hailstorm badly damaged his peaches, plums and nectarines. Paul said, "I thought, you know if we took dinged fruit and made jam, why don't you take some of your dinged fruit and make dried peaches or make something else. So before long people started working on homemade things."

Buxman's homemade grape juice was very popular. Freeman said, "I like the home cured olives."

But many came to buy Paul's prints and paintings. Proceeds go towards a generous "Drill For Will" campaign Buxman has started for Fresno farmer Will Scott. Paul's a quarter of the way to the $40,000 price tag. "We have until spring and then we'll need to get the water. I think we'll make it."

Buxman is always looking out for someone else. Now friends and family look forward to shopping for each other's specialties.

If you'd like to donate to the will scott well fund you can contact:

Sweet Home Ranch
C/O Paul Buxman
4399 Avenue 400
Dinuba, CA 93618
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