Ex-Firebaugh police officer gets 6 months in jail for felony domestic battery

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A former Firebaugh police officer was shocked Monday when a judge sentenced him to 180 days in jail for felony domestic battery. The judge said Jose Ramos Guerrero failed to show any remorse or take any responsibility for the crime.

The former Firebaugh police officer who was found guilty of knocking his wife unconscious during a party earlier this year was sentenced to six months in jail for felony domestic battery against his wife.

Cameras were not allowed in court when the judge said, "I cannot ignore the evidence presented in this case. This was not just a shove or a slap, this was a hit significant enough for your wife to lose consciousness."

Defense attorney Linden Lindahl felt the sentence was too harsh. "He was used, set up as an example for whatever reason because of his status, and I think this is way outside the norm of what would normally happen in a case where you have an individual with no criminal record," said Lindahl.

Ramos Guerrero resigned from his job as a police officer shortly after he was arrested. During sentencing, he told the court, "I lost everything with this case. Everything, my whole life. It's gone. Down the drain."

The charge means Ramos Guerrero cannot be a law enforcement officer again. His attorney says it may also ruin his other career goal. "We were hoping that the court would allow him to pursue some sort of teaching career. That's what he wants to do now. That's what he's hopefully looking forward to do in the future. I just hope that door hasn't been slammed by a draconian sentence and overreaction to this case," said Lindahl.

Ramos Guerrero provided proof he's been attending batterer's treatment classes. But despite this, the judge told him, "The first step toward any rehabilitation is the acknowledgment of wrongdoing. You have started taking batterer's treatment, but you have not taken responsibility."

Ramos Guerrero had a party in February at his Mendota home. During a night of drinking and dancing, a fight broke out. The jury determined after hearing testimony from those who were there and those who were character witnesses that Ramos Guerrero was responsible for hitting and knocking his wife out.

Monday, the victim continued to stand by her husband. She told the court her husband didn't do anything to her and it was all a lie. null
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