Man who took down 2 people who tried to rob him at River Park ATM speaks out

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A man sat on the witness stand in court Friday and told the courtroom what he did when Jeremy Lynd allegedly robbed him at an ATM in River Park in January. The victim wants to stay anonymous.

"He told me to drop the wallet on the ground about two or three times."

The victim was trying to take out $20 for his lunch that day. But before he got his cash, Lynd allegedly shot him in the neck and lower back with a stun gun.

Instead of giving in, the sanitation worker for the City of Fresno opened his car door and took matters into his own hands.

"I reach down and pull my gun out, pointed at him, and I told him to get on the ground."

That is when police said Bobbie-Sue Sevier pulled up. Investigators said she shouted to Lynd to get into their white car.

"He immediately ran to his car and got into the passenger side."

The victim said as he started to take a step back, the suspects reversed at a high-speed rate, slamming into his car, and narrowly missing him.

"I thought, okay, they are going to try to roll me and that's when i fired my first shot."

It was the first of four shots that went through the suspect's car back window. One bullet even hit Sevier in the leg.

Police said when the car stopped, Lynd jumped out and took off. Leaving his female friend to fend for herself.

"She at first was trying to walk around in circles yelling," said the victim.

Lynd is representing himself and cross examined the victim by asking if he called 911.

"After the shooting did you call 911, do you remember if the first call you made was to 911," said the victim.

Brendan Bergh is Sevier's public defender-- he said his client is innocent.

"Counts one and two has Miss. Sevier as assault with a deadly weapon and count two is attempted robbery. We are hoping to fighting every single count at trial."

Until then, co-defendants Sevier and Lynd will go back to jail without bail.
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