Army veteran's home burned down by Oak Fire in Mariposa County

Rodney McGuire broke down crying when he saw the charred remains of his home on Triangle Road.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022
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Rodney McGuire's home on Triangle Road was one of the more than 50 structures destroyed by the Oak Fire as it continued to grow in Mariposa County.

MARIPOSA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- On Monday afternoon, Army veteran Rodney McGuire looked through photos of what's left of his house.

The devastating Oak Fire scorched a stretch of land off Triangle Road, taking with it several homes, including Rodney's.

"I was at work just two miles outside of town, saw the first plume come up," he says.

He managed to save several important family documents - and a portrait of the Last Supper - crocheted by his grandmother in the 1930s.

But he didn't have time to grab everything before evacuating.

"I forgot to grab my parent's ashes when I left. But I did bury part of them at the family cabin so I know they're home," he says.

As for Rodney's home, just charred memories remain.

He hasn't been back up to his property yet, but looking at the photos is enough to take him there.

"That's when I cried by my car and I pulled myself back together," he says.

The burned trees around the property show how the flames likely came through, burning everything in their path.

The land has been in the McGuire family for generations - sitting atop a hill on Triangle Road, they called it their 'hump.'

All that's left of Rodney's house is a pile of rubble. But some things survived, like a sign - 'McGuire's Hump'. He says it's his literal sign that he has to rebuild.

"McGuires don't quit. I was happy to see that because I can't believe it was so hot, seeing the melted metal that that made it through," he says.

Another good sign for Rodney - on Saturday, his cat wouldn't go with him when he had to evacuate, but that cat was found safe and alive on Monday morning.

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