Police: Central Fresno shooting that left 2 parents dead, 1 man injured was 'unprovoked'

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Homicide detectives are investigating an overnight shooting that left two people dead and one person critically injured in Central Fresno.

At least 26 rounds were picked up by Fresno Police's Shotspotter technology at around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

At the same time, police received 17 9-1-1 calls about shots fired at the Parks at Fig Garden apartment complex.

Police say it appears the victims were innocent, but it's unclear if they knew the suspects or not.

"But they were simply parked in the apartment complex. They were there to visit with a friend and that's when they were approached by several African American males," said police chief Jerry Dyer. "The African American males asked them why they were there, and then told them to leave."

And as soon as the victims started to drive away, police say two of the men started shooting at them, rapidly firing at least 26 rounds.

The car then smashed through the complex's brick wall, continued on the canal bank, and eventually crashed into the canal.

Steve Baker heard the shots and came out to help. He's a former EMT.

"And then someone was yelling that the car was in the canal, car (is) in the canal, we see a gaping hole," he said. "So we run down there, and there was a girl on top of the car giving CPR to another girl, following instructions from somebody from the shore over here on what to do."

Baker was knee deep in the water when police showed up.

One of the first officers on the scene used a K9 leash to help the 17-year-old performing CPR out of the canal.

Two people were shot and killed, 20-year-old Brian Maxey and 19-year-old Kiara Austin. The two had a baby girl, and Austin also had three-year-old twin boys.

Brian's brother Queshawn was shot in the arm. His sister Mary wasn't shot but was injured.

They were able to get out of the canal on their own-police found them at a McDonald's.

"We're very fortunate though that we didn't have five people that were killed with the number of rounds that were fired," Dyer said. "We have a minimum of 26 rounds that were fired into that vehicle from close proximity. The vast majority of those rounds were fired from what appears to be an assault rifle."

Police say they're looking for video from the area.

And while they have some good leads, they're asking the public to help them track down the suspects.

If you have information about this case, you are urged to contact Valley Crime Stoppers. You could be eligible to receive a cash reward if you provide information anonymously that leads to an arrest. To leave a tip, call 559-498-7867, or fill out the form at ABC30.com/CrimeStoppers.
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