Many in the Central Valley now wondering what a Donald Trump presidency will look like

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sam Molina, the California State Director for Mi Familia Vota said he was stunned as Donald Trump solidified his role as the next President.

Molina hopes Trump will do what he said in his speech Tuesday night and unify the country.

The non-profit works every day with Latino-Americans and immigrants to promote civic engagement. Molina said he has spoken with Central Valley undocumented immigrants who are worried for their futures here in the United States.

"Do we start packing? What's next? What do we do? Because they're afraid that, you know, because of the rhetoric that was spouted before election night about deportations and building a wall so there are those concerns."

Molina said they are ensuring the community does not panic.

"Now is not the time for fear, now is the time to organize. I mean comprehensive immigration reform is not off the table so it's time to organize and make sure that gets passed."

At Fresno State, students and professors are fascinated with the election results and how Trump will influence policies here in the Central Valley.

"A lot of students were really nervous they were trying to get the whole idea of politics, especially freshman sophomore first time voters," said Yenefer Cerda, student.

"It could have a big impact on, especially, EPA regulations. So thinking about people in ag talking about regulations and strict rules regarding EPA and water tables water pollution things like that," said Dr. Lisa Bryant, political science professor.

Dr. Bryant said a Trump presidency could be more ag friendly. Especially since he will be working with Republican Congressmen like David Valadao and Devon Nunes here in the Central Valley.

"They're probably hopeful that having a Republican in the White House that their policies are more likely to get passed."

Bryant also said campaign promises can be more difficult to achieve in the White House. So it will be interesting to see what Trump will do once he is in office and how that will affect us here at home.
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