Nordstrom could be bringing more jobs to Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Nordstrom could be bringing hundreds of jobs to the Valley soon. The company is in the planning stages of an e-commerce distribution center which could end up in Fresno or Visalia.

Larry Westerlund, the Economic Development Director in Fresno said, "We still have a long way to go, we're not there yet but to be at this point, is a real good thing"

Fresno city leaders have been working with the company since June in hopes of striking a deal and creating 700 to 1000 full-time jobs. The only thing in the way is approval from city council for a sales tax incentive-- one that would reduce the cost of business on Nordstrom's end for at least a few years. "Everyone on the council has talked passionately and strongly about creating jobs in Fresno and really on the attraction side," Westerlund added, "so we're cautiously optimistic that the council will be supportive."

The incentive is part of the competition for the distribution center because Nordstrom also has eyes on Visalia. Mayor Steve Nelsen says he's waiting to see what Fresno does and then city council members will talk about the numbers. Mayor Nelsen said, "They're definitely interested in Visalia because of our strategic location for covering the state and so forth and they were very high on Visalia and now we have another dynamic so we're gonna have to look at that and just see what we can do."

Fresno City Council members will be talking about the incentive program in a special meeting on Thursday.
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