Central Fresno apartments still without heat, rain causes flooding

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Plumbing crews jackhammered a hole in the floor of this bathroom to fix a leaking pipe, that's been causing problems for Tim Eldridge for weeks.

"Been going through a flood, for about a month now, and last night it got worse. and it just took overboard," said Tim Eldridge.

Because of the repair to Tim's apartment, water has been shut off to some units, and all units are without hot water because water heaters quit working.

As Action News reported Monday, tenants complained the complex had been without heat for several months. But it wasn't a problem until the temperature dropped.

The owner provided temporary space heaters for tenants on Tuesday. Management says the owners are working to solve all of the problems.

"We are on top of it, We have issued heating units to every tenant and we are working on the heating system as well," said Yuliana Veliz, property superintendent.

Fresno code enforcement is monitoring the situation. Tim will be moved to a hotel for a couple of days. The owner told us he plans to have all the work done in a couple of days.

But that's what we were told a couple of days ago. Tenants say the management has been irresponsible.

But until this week city code enforcement had only received one complaint.

The owner told us he plans to start re-plumbing the entire complex in the coming days.
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