New app makes ordering food a snap

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017
New app makes ordering food a snap
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Some Downtown Fresno restaurants have just launched their own apps made in Fresno.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Some Downtown Fresno restaurants have just launched their own apps made in Fresno. Kikku Japanese restaurant in Downtown Fresno has its share of loyal customers.

Deneisha Aguilar has been a regular for years and was happy to hear she can order with the new Kikku App.

"I'm so excited. I can't wait to try it. It will be nice and quick and easy to use."

Silvia Wahyudi has owned the restaurant for 16 years and now is bringing it into is in the modern age.

Wahyudi said, "It will provide a highly convenient experience for customers and save time for them, calling in orders and then waiting in line to pay at the registers."

The app was made right here in Fresno by Ordrslip, based at Bitwise. Ordrslip is mobile ordering for restaurants. Employees create the apps and work on fine-tuning it. Companies pay an initial fee to start and a monthly fee to maintain the app.

A cost that is more affordable for most mom and pops stores.

Jordan Gustafson from Ordrslip said, "We're creating jobs here with the Ordrslip company, not only that the restaurants here in Downtown there are several onboard: Quesadilla Gorilla, Kikku, Los Panchos, Café Valparaiso. So all of these businesses downtown will now have an app and bringing that convenience to customers."

Jordan Gustafson showed us how it works. The apps are available for Apple or Android users. Just download, check out the menu and customize your order. A plus for restaurants who experience a rush of orders.

"The whole menu is at their fingertips so the order will be printed just how the customer placed it," Wahyudi said.

An order made just for you.

Wahyudi says as a small business, every sale counts, which is why keeping up with customers in the 21st century is so important.

Ordrslipp the company that makes has more than a dozen customers here in Fresno. They hope to reach more customer around the Valley and the nation in the future.

For more information be sure to visit their website.