Tiny houses are a big attraction for the "Fresno Home Show" this weekend

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new trend is sweeping the nation when it comes to housing, tiny houses are a new option for people looking to downsize.

"What that means living small, living simple and living more affordable," said Nick Mosley, co-owner of California Tiny House.

This weekend the "Tiny House Expo" is the main attraction at the "Fresno Home Show" in Southeast Fresno.

Mosley is also the Vice President of the American Tiny House Association.

He says Fresno is the first city in the nation to allow homeowners to have a tiny house on their property.

"It has to be behind a fence. So it does have to be in a backyard. You still need setbacks just you like would with any other structure. The nice thing about this there is no additional property tax because it can be moved," said Mosley.

He pointed out the property owner must have a 6,000 square foot lot and or a 5,000 thousand square foot lot on a corner.

Most units cost about $40,000, that price and the increasing cost of housing are making tiny houses big business for California especially when it comes to the Bay Area.

"That tends to be our focus for the past four years but this year and especially with this house we are doing this huge push for Fresno clients to actually start using these as backyard cottages," said Mosley.

One tiny house maker from the Portland, Oregon area is just starting out his business but there many restrictions in the Pacific Northwest for property owners. So the Fresno market caught his attention.

"I'm not going to build it into a huge industry but yeah I'm anxious to get out to the next unit and sell it. And this seems to be a promising market," said Peter Kooiman Mileniko Tiny Homes.

Most tiny houses feature appliances, kitchen and full use bathroom for one to two people.

The "Fresno Home Show" runs through Sunday.
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