Strong winds cause damage in Madera County, preparing for more

BASS LAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- While trees and debris are still scattered alongside the street, dozens of roads near bass lake reopened on Monday.

This comes after strong winds knocked down dozens of dead trees, blocking several streets in the area.

Madera country road crews say winds reached up to 60 miles per hour, and they started receiving calls late Sunday night for down trees.

Some even blocked people from leaving their homes

"People this morning were waking up and finding out they were trapped in there in their roads or subdivisions," Madera Co. Road Department Supervisor Jeromie Fairchild said.

Crews say they responded to at least 30 calls for down trees.

Bob Ritchie said he and a couple of other neighbors took matters into their own hands, and helped clear road near his home

"It sounded like gunfire, then there was a bam. Like lighting and thunder. We decided it was probably trees down. We cleared the street off. It wasn't like you couldn't pass through it, but you have to weave to get around it. It was pushed to the side," North Fork Resident Bob Ritchie said.

The Madera County Sheriff's Office even got a call for a tree falling into a home near Timberview Road, however, there weren't any injuries.

Kayla Serrato with the sheriff's office said the area has thousands of dead trees, mainly due to the bark beetle infestations.

She asks drivers to be vigilant, and if there's a tree blocking the roadway, turn around.

"We are expecting more wind activity this evening, due to tree mortality, downed trees still pose a significant risk," .

If you do see a tree blocking the road, Serrato asks folks to call the Madera County Sheriff's Office.

Extra deputies will be near the Bass Lake area as strong winds are also expected Monday night. Road crews also have equipment ready in case more trees fall.
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