Chat with CHP: When are school zone speed limits in effect?

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- School zone speed limit signs usually say "when children are present." So does this only apply when school is in session?

"The rule of thumb is to always assume that there's children present, regardless of the time of day, regardless of the time of year," said Sgt. Brian Pennings with the CHP. "All it takes is for children to be present at the school facility."

This isn't reserved for school events, either. Pennings said neighborhood kids playing a game in the area would count.

"All it takes is for children to be present and the speed limit is 25 MPH," he said.

"Treat the school zones as if your child went to that school, and if your child attended that school and their friends attended that school and you knew every child that was walking up and down the sidewalk, treat the school zone as if it was your own child's," Pennings said.

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