World-renowned rock climber Hans Florine out from hospital after a fall off El Capitan

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It was a little more than five hours until Hans Florine got any kind of medical attention, but he stayed positive throughout. He posted to his Instagram page while awaiting search and rescue teams.

"I'm pretty sure I've broken one or both of my legs," said Florine.

Cell phone video taken at 2,000 feet shows climber Florine moments after falling from the summit that made him world famous.

It was 1:30 p.m. Thursday, that he and fellow climber Abe were two-thirds up the nose route, of El Capitan when the screw holding his steel cable came loose.

"About a 21-foot fall. Hit a ledge before my rope went tight and my heels hit the ledge. First broke my ankle on my left side and smashed my right heel and then I fell another four feet just kind of on a soft bungee catch," said Florine.

That is when Florine made the 911 call.

Shortly after, fellow climber Abe helped him rappel 200 feet to a ledge they where they could rest.

It took more than five hours for search and rescue crews to reach him. This would have been his 110th ascent up the nose route.

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"Of all the routes on El Cap. I'm kinda pleased I've only had one rescue," said Florine.

He is waiting for two more surgeries on his legs and hopes to be back on his feet within the year

"When I was hanging upside down and felt the instant pain in my heels it took one look to see the curvature of my tib-fib to realize this climbing day is over," said Florine.

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